Approach a Woman Confidently, not intelligently

Have you been wondering why despite your high IQ, women don’t seem interested in you? On the other hand, all those “jerks” and “bad boys,” seem to win over the best women. Do women not like nice guys anymore? What you need to understand is that what attracts a woman is how the man makes them feel about themselves.

Women appreciate a man’s intelligence more if he uses it to make her feel attractive, using his charm, charisma and confidence to make the woman laugh, while making her feel sexually attractive. And, a woman is extremely attracted to a man who exudes masculinity with a relaxed confidence. They should be easy going and confident while making conversation.

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Things About Smart Guys that Turn Woman Off

It is quite alright to get lip locked around a highly attractive woman, and even the most intelligent guy can fall prey to this. But beware, your shyness may put you in grave danger when it comes to approaching a woman. Beautiful women find guys undesirable if they appear awkward in the woman’s presence, losing control over their tongue or feeling as though it is stuck with glue!

The worst thing a smart guy can do to make a woman lose interest is opting for highly intelligent conversations and taking up complex topics to showcase their IQ. Although the woman you like might be as well informed as you, such discussions restrict the chances of adding humor to the conversation, which almost every woman loves.

How Does a Woman Want to be Approached?

If you are all set to approach a woman and charm her, get ready to make her laugh, tease her and even become a little cheeky. However, never lose yourself completely. Stay confident and relaxed, since a woman’s eyes will always be checking you out for self-assurance and how comfortable you are with yourself. Do not lose a single opportunity to show how much socially and emotionally intelligent you are, rather than (as we said above) showcasing your IQ.

And to give yourself that extra boost of confidence and support for sexual performance, check out the Hardazan Plus reviews, noting the dosage, ingredients and side effects, to make an informed decision.

What to Eat for Sexual Health?

“The link between food and sex drive isn’t wishful thinking,” according to nutritionist and author, Cynthia Sass. Quite understandably, food has always been the primary aphrodisiac for human beings.

Figs have been eaten as libido-boosting food throughout the history of humanity, and their contours and anatomy have forever suggested intimacy and sensuality. The forbidden fruit happened to be an apple. Cheese and chocolate release dopamine which induces feelings of arousal and extreme pleasure. Pickled cabbage is called natural Viagra for good reason.

In its Max Hard reviews, Men’s Health Digest reveals how the male enhancement pill uses a potent blend of difficult-to-procure ingredients like avena sativa, horny goat weed, and ginseng. Find out what other foods are great for sexual health.


Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants and that is good news for not just for your heart, but your sex life. They’re also rich in vitamin C, which, along with antioxidants, improves sperm count. In addition, apples, dark berries, and grapes provide quercetin, which is good for circulation and prostate health. Quercetin also helps control interstitial cystitis, which can cause erectile dysfunction, genital pain, and reduced desire.


Including several types of meats in your diet can help you improve your sex drive. Pork, chicken, and beef contain zinc, carnitine, and L-arginine, among which the latter two being amino acids necessary to boost blow flow. This helps engorgement of penile tissues for better erections. Zinc, on the other hand, is necessary to prevent impotence and maintain healthy testosterone levels.


Oysters, scallops, and clams have compounds that can help boost androgen levels. This is necessary for heightening sexual desire. Oysters are also a rich source of zinc, which helps treat ED. Salmon is consumed all over the world for its healthy properties, and now it is touted to promote better blood flow as well. Salmon, however, could raise the risk of high-grade prostate cancer, so you can consider getting your zinc intake from a sexual health supplement that also provides prostate support.

Seeds and Nuts

By now, you know how important zinc is for optimum sexual health. Almonds and cashews are full of this nutrient, and it’s time you swapped chocolates with them as your favorite bedroom snack. In addition, walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pecans, peanuts, and hazelnuts boast of a healthy dose of L-arginine. Add walnuts to the mix, and you’ve got a healthy intake of omega-3 as well.


Most people dread eating garlic before a date, but knowing about its effects on your sexual health will make you change your mind. Though it is pungent and has a strong smell, its anticoagulant properties actually help much better blood flow to your genitals. This is why both partners should try chewing a little before you go to bed. This way, nobody will mind the breath as well.

The best part about food and even natural supplements that help boost sexual function is that they are free of side-effects, have long-term results, and have ingredients that help restore overall health.

Hollywood Stars Who are the Definition of Sensuality

Hollywood is full of actors, who with their hard work, have given us the most splendid movies, be it Matt Damon, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, the list is endless. They not only work hard in their movies but work hard to get that chiseled body that can make any woman swoon. And when these actors perform a romantic scene on screen, they might even look like Adonis himself.

Those who are inspired by the sensuality on screen and desire the same intensity in their own love life can consider, a natural male enhancement pills like, which according to review site Mens Health Digest, enhances the erection quality, arousal and response. Let us take a look at a few actors who are not only great performers, but are walking sex symbols.

5 Hollywood Male Actors Who Can Get Any Woman On their Knees

  • Gerard Butler

The 6′ 2″ tall Gerard James Butler is a Scottish actor with a mesmerizing smile and seductive accent, who after studying law, turned to acting in the mid-1990s. Butler is known for his strong and muscular look in 300, where he played King Leonidas, after having undergone some of the most physically demanding training.

  • Ryan Gosling

The Notebook star, Ryan Gosling, has a pretty face, breathtaking smile and cheekbones that could cut glass. Gosling is known to light up every event with his presence and amazing fashion sense. He is not only popular amongst the women but some male stars have also confessed their crush on Ryan.

  • Brad Pitt

Once partnered with the most beautiful woman, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is a sex symbol in the true sense. Having plated a plethora of roles in films like Legends of the Fall, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Moneyball, and more, this amazing actor has received multiple awards and nominations in his acting career, including an Academy Award as producer for 12 Years a Slave, released in 2013 by his own company, Plan B Entertainment.

  • Tom Hardy

Born as Edward Thomas Hardy in Hammersmith, London, in September 1977, Tom Hardy decided to become an actor from a young age. His career started when he won TV show The Big Breakfast’s, Find Me a Supermodel competition, for which he secured a contract with Models One. Hardy made his movie debut in Ridley Scott’s war thriller, Black Hawk Down.

  • Hugh Jackman

Popularly known as Wolverine, hanging up his claws with the best, Hugh Jackman has a hard body with a softest possible center. This famous star of equally famous and successful movies like The Prestige, X Men: Days Of Future Past, Logan, musical drama Les Miserables, romantic comedy Kate & Leopold, Swordfish, The Fountain, Real Steel and more, Hugh Jackman is one of the most well-known and critically acclaimed actors in Hollywood today.

Once in an interview, Jackman said that his wife loves him coming home in costume to feel like she’s having an affair. If you too want to keep your wife interested, natural male enhancement pills like Enzyte, which have positive reviews, can help. The supplement consists of 100% natural ingredients including Korean Red Ginseng, Ginkgo Leaf, Grape Seed Extract, and Horny Goat Weed, where its results are excellent, without having any harmful side effects.

Finding Alternatives to Using Adderall

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is something that has come to great prominence over the last ten years or so. More children and adults are being diagnosed with versions of ADHD than ever before. This has caused a proliferation of prescription medications to flood the market, all promising to help you get better levels of focus and concentration so that you can perform better throughout the day. One of the most prominent of all of these medications is known as Adderall. Adderall has been used by millions of children and adults over the years with some effectiveness, but there are serious negatives associated with the drug as well. If you are leery about trying Adderall yourself you may want to spend some time finding alternatives to using Adderall.

Side Effects and Addiction

There are a number of side effects that have been associated with Adderall that are very undesirable. While the medication is designed to help you curb feelings of restlessness, impulsive actions and help you to focus on tasks better, you need to be aware of what comes along with taking Adderall. Many adults report feeling side effects like nausea and loss of appetite, mood swings, headaches, insomnia and trouble sleeping, tics, dry mouth, dizziness and other effects. Another downside is that the medication has shown to be highly addictive over time. As you continue to take the medication your body becomes more accustomed to the dosage you are taking, meaning you need to increase the dosage to get the same feelings of focus you had before. The more you take, the more your body becomes dependent on the medication and it leads many people into taking more and more of the medication, getting them addicted to it. Withdrawal can be very difficult and often requires professional help.

More Natural Alternatives

Since more people have become worried about Adderall there has been an increase in the number of more natural alternatives in the marketplace today. Products like Addtabz can provide you with the same effects of Adderall without the harsh side effects or chemical dependency that come along with the prescription medication. Naturally many people wonder does this Adderall alternative really work so you will want to spend some time learning about this supplement and others like it so you can see what goes into its composition, why it should work and how effective it has been for others that have taken it before you decide to try it yourself.

Getting information about safer alternatives to Adderall makes good sense for you today. You want to spend some time reading an Addtabz review and looking at reviews of other products like it at Brain Enhancement Advisor. The information that you will find here can give you better insight into what goes into the products, how effective they have shown to be in product testing and what previous customers have had to say about the products before you decide if you want to give it a try or not.

Fight Off Those Memory Problems

It seems that it is simply a natural process that as you get older and age you are going to have issues with memory. As you age, there are cells in the brain that are going to naturally die off as a result of aging, affecting your brain function and having an impact on your ability to recall information and have clear memories. While issues may begin as small moments such as forgetting your keys or wallet, thing an appointment or meeting or forgetting the name of a particular person, these instances can steadily build on one another to where you may find yourself having more and more difficulties when it comes to your memory. There are steps that you can take to help fight off these memory problems, including taking one of the No. 1 memory supplements sold in the marketplace today.

Why Turn to Supplements?

You may wonder why using memory or a brain supplement is a good option for you. If you are having regular memory issues, more than likely you are going to want to take the time to see your physician so that you can get a checkup and discuss the issues with them. Your doctor will likely run a series of tests to see if there are any physical reasons for the memory problems you are having and they may even recommend that you try any one of the prescription medications on the market today that are known to assist with memory, concentration and focus. The problem is that many of these prescription medicines can come with very harsh side effects that may not be desirable to you. Instead, you may want to use natural supplements that make use of safer ingredients and still deliver highly effective results.

Finding the Right Supplement

When you want to find a quality solution for yourself and use a supplement, you will quickly notice that there are a large number of products available today. You are going to want to do some basic research so you can have a clearer understanding of the ingredients that are used in each product and which of those ingredients have been proven to be the most effective in helping with memory. Take a look at products like Prevagen, often considered to be one of the top memory supplements sold today, so that you can see what it is comprised of and how well it can work for you.

Taking the steps to curtail issues you may be having with memory will help you to lead a happier and more productive life. Take the time to read Prevagen reviews at Smart Pill Guide so that you can learn about the effectiveness of the product, how it has performed in testing, and what other customers have to say about it so you can see if it is the ideal choice for you. Smart Pill Guide offers represent information on many different memory and brain supplements sold so that you can be sure to find something that will help you fight off any memory issues.

Reading Reviews to Find the Top Brain Supplements

No one is perfect when it comes to getting work done, accomplishing chores or doing school work. There are always going to be times where you may forget about something or fall behind in what you need to accomplish. Most people today lead such hectic lives that it can be very easy for things to start to fall through the cracks as you go through each day, trying to get as much done as possible all of the time. It is only natural that you may have trouble paying attention, focusing well or even just having the energy to concentrate properly at school, at work or at home. Getting just a little bit of help can really change your life and making use of one of the brain supplements available today can be very helpful to you. An ideal first step for you to take is to start reading reviews that you can find one of the top brain enhancement supplements sold today.

Reading Reviews Gives Insight

When you take the time to read the various reviews that you can find on the Internet regarding brain supplements, you are giving yourself a chance to find out as much information as possible so you can be sure that you choose a supplement that is going to work well for you, you safe for you to take, and be available for the right price. We just one review may not be enough to really provide you with the insight that you are looking for. You want to be able to do some type of comparison between products and getting a cross-section of reviews and information from different customers and ratings websites can allow you to find both the pros and cons of different products.

Be Careful What You Read

Just as is the case when you are considering any type of product, you want to take what you read with a grain of salt. Not all reviews that you find online may give you a completely honest assessment, so you do want to be careful about which sites you turn to for your information. When you read SmartX Cerebral Success reviews on one site, you may find completely different information posted in another forum. Make sure you go to websites that have a proven track record of providing honest and clear information about the products that are for sale so that you can be sure to learn which supplements have the track record of working well and coming from good companies and which do not.

The reviews that you read will have a big influence on the particular products that you choose to use. If you want to learn more about Cerebral Success and other products just like it, turn to the expert information that you will find at Smart Pill Guide. Smart Pill Guide provides some of the most comprehensive information you will find anywhere regarding various memory enhancer pills and supplements today, so that you can be sure to get an honest review that can help you to choose the best supplement.

5 Hour Energy

The Search for More Energy

If you want to increase your energy level, you may have tried this product and other energy drinks. While these products may give you a boost, the effects are uneven and you may experience side effects. There are natural methods and products that provide sustained improvements in mental energy without the crash. Read more information and reviews of 5 Hour Energy at Brain Enhancement Advisor to learn more about how this product has worked for others.

Product Ingredients

The ingredients in this product include vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, taurine, N-Acetyl L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, and citicoline, as well as caffeine in all but the decaf formula. The product is available in several forms, including regular, extra strength and decaffeinated. There are a wide variety of flavors, such as berry, grape, orange, pink lemonade, pomegranate, and other flavors.

Results for Increased Energy

Reading a Five Hour Energy review from unbiased sources and user reviews provides clues about the effectiveness of this product. There is a lack of research and scientific evidence about the effectiveness of this product. Many users compare the results to drinking coffee and the effects wear off quickly. The side effects of this product are similar to those experienced when you drink too much caffeine. The possible side effects include nervousness, headaches, trouble sleeping, and feeling jittery.

No Substitute for Getting Enough Rest

Drinking energy drinks and taking pills for energy is not a good substitute for getting enough sleep at night. Rest is important for mental function, clarity, memory, and overall health. There is research to suggest that your brain won’t operate at full capacity without enough rest and long term lack of sleep increases your risk for a broad range of health problems. Skipping that late night show and getting to bed earlier will reap mental and physical benefits.

Natural Methods for Enhancing Energy

In addition to getting enough sleep at night, there are other things you can do to improve your energy levels naturally. Eat a balanced diet of healthy whole foods to improve energy and avoid the low energy that follows the consumption of sugar and processed foods. Exercise helps to increase energy by supplying more blood flow to the brain, so include aerobic activity in your routine.

The Best Supplements for Boosting Energy Levels

There are natural supplements that contain vitamins and nootropic substances to increase mental energy, focus, concentration, and memory. Reading product reviews is the best way to determine how well a supplement works and you can make an informed purchasing decision. Pay attention to the ingredients to ensure that you are getting quality nootropics in sufficient amounts for best results.